What is Game Chats?

Game Chats! is a WORDcast dedicated to hour long talks about video games. Two writers discuss a video game and record their discussion. That discussion is then transcribed and, after some copy editing, the piece is uploaded to the site for your  reading enjoyment.

Javy Gwaltney and Kaitlin Tremblay are the two team members of Game Chats! You’ll find each post contains one of us talking to a guest critic about game, or we’re talking to one another.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Well that’s weird. Why not just stick up the podcast?

A: We like the idea of having a podcast for people geared toward people who just like to read. It’s quirky, makes our sessions a little more fun when you’re thinking about talking to a group of readers,and not listeners.

Q: Will you ever upload the audio files?

A: Maybe one day!

Q: I have an interest in being a guest on Game Chats! How do we make this happen?

A: Shoot Javy an email at his address: jgwaltneiv(AT)Gmaildotcom with your game and why you want to talk about it. We’ll see if we can make something happening!


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